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Send bulk emails to any cold or purchased lists.

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How to Get the Most Out of Your Email Purchased List

When you have a comprehensive email list of potential contacts, you need an intuitive solution that will help you get your message out there. Mail Click Convert offers an outstanding solution for those with an email purchased list, providing mass email sender features that turn your leads into conversions.

You have full control over your campaign and can access real time analytics so that you can make the optimizations that will have your campaign growing towards success. We offer sending to unlimited contacts, and are CAN-SPAM compliant so that you can start your campaign the right way.

Discover the Benefits of a Mass Email Sender

Gone are the days, where you need to send separate emails to each of your potential leads. At Mail Click Convert, we simplify the process. Our mass email sender takes your email purchased list and sends professionally designed emails customized to your contact.

You can watch as your email marketing campaign takes hold in real time through high level analytics and comprehensive reporting. Our solution makes it easy to manage your email list, including verification of contacts, reputation monitoring and more.

Benefits of Mass Email