Convert Cold Contacts into Leads with Bulk Email Marketing

Unlike the traditional email marketing softwares, MailClickConvert is a mass email marketing system that enables you to send high volume emails to any cold or purchased contacts list and we are 100% CAN-SPAM compliant.


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Traditional Marketing Vs.
Cold Email Marketing

Email marketing continues to deliver a high ROI compared to traditional marketing because the cost of emails is pennies compared to PPC, SMM, direct mailers, and other marketing channels.

  • Reach millions of customers at a fraction of a cost
  • Quickly measure and improve results
  • Personalize your offer for each prospect
  • In-depth reporting on campaign performance
  • Fill the sales funnel with quality leads

Get more opens, clicks and conversions

MailClickConvert's marketing software is engineered for better deliverability rates which means you can confidently send email campaigns to your cold or purchased contacts lists.

  • Choose your outgoing domain
  • Schedule email campaigns by date & time
  • Monitor your domain and IP Reputation
  • Choose the speed of email campaigns

Design professional emails with ease

Design your email messages from scratch or pick from our library of email templates. You can even import existing email templates and host images in our system. Need a professionally design email? We can help with that too.


Automatically clean your list on upload

Your contact lists are automatically cleaned once uploaded to MailClickConvert. Our software runs your list against our database and strips out duplicates, spam traps, complainers, and hard bounces that are known to our system. This process allows your IP's to remain clean and prevents you from being blacklisted. To further clean your list and improve your inbox placement, you can use our Email Verification and Cleaning Services. The premium service goes outside our database and uses our email servers to verify if the emails in your contacts list exist and are able to accept emails.

  • Unlimited contacts
  • Automatic list cleaning
  • List management
  • Custom fields

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