Frequently Asked Questions about Mail Click Convert

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There are a few key differences. With Mail Click Convert, our customers send emails to their cold contact lists.
Since you will be sending emails to cold contact lists, the deliverability and response rates are difficult to predict since there are many variables to consider. However, if you use our best practices for outbound email campaigns, you will receive great results and generate quality leads for your business.
We understand the importance of keeping your domain and IP addresses safe. That's why we use dedicated IPs and domains for all your email campaigns. This way, you have less of a chance for blacklisting.
Most Email Service Providers (ESP) share domains and IPs with multiple clients and therefore are extremely strict on contact lists that customers upload. A customer who uploads a dirty list can compromise their system and ruin other customer's deliverability rates. That's why we provide each client with their own domain and IP addresses. We also have a sophisticated software that works on cleaning your list immediately on import.
With our software, you don't need to know any code. Mail Click Convert provides an easy email editor that allows you to design beautiful emails in minutes.
Definitely not. Simple click the HTML button on our editor and paste your HTML code into our software. You can even insert and tweak existing templates as needed.
Absolutely, after your create your message, you can click the preview button to see your email content and also get the option to send a test email to any email address.
Absolutely! We can create a professionally designed email for any campaign. Prices start at $89. Contact us for a quote.

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