Lead Generation

You don’t have to have the greatest product in the world, you don’t have to be the cheapest, and you don’t even have to have the best service. To succeed, all you have to be is the best seller. Being the best seller means you are always talking to prospects that actually need your service; people who are interested in what you are offering. In other words, you need to have high-quality leads.

Studies show that 85% of B2B marketers consider lead generation as their number one challenge, and let’s face it, getting high-quality leads for your product or service is indeed difficult.

So let’s define that: what makes it so hard? To simplify it, it’s letting people know about you and what you offer. The bottom line is that no matter how awesome your product is if no one knows about it, no one will buy it.

In this article, you will find simple ways how you can improve your online lead generation efforts.

We will be discussing some of our best practices that you can easily implement in your lead generation strategy.


Each new contact (email addresses, phone numbers, etc.) that you generate is worth something. They’ll probably all have different values on average but that’s why it’s very important to take lead generation seriously. It’s one of the most important processes of your business and you should be constantly evaluating the effectiveness of all your lead generation tactics.

Let’s look at 5 easy ways on how you can improve your online lead generation:

1. Good conversations

Never rely only on one-directional communication such as website, blog posts or videos. Try to have real conversations with your prospects as often as possible. If your user asks about a feature in chat, instead of only offering a link to a knowledge base, why not go the extra mile and offer a call to walk them through. This will strengthen your relationship with your prospects and even give you an extra opportunity to sell.

2. Use Email Marketing

When you have a source of new email addresses, you can use email marketing to nurture them and increase their value by giving them something useful and interesting to help any kind of curiosity evolve into an interest in your product. Using powerful email marketing tools like MCC can definitely close the gap between you and getting that sale.

Such tools have the capability to segment your contacts, enabling you to reach out to them with messages that they can relate to.

Check out our eBook on B2B Outbound Email Marketing for more on email marketing.

3. Answer questions on Q&A services

One of the oldest tricks in the book is providing solutions or answers to different questions on Q&A services. Quora can be a great source of new sales leads. Your customers are already in Quora trying to solve the problems your service solves the best. If you go there to help them you’ll generate leads with a very positive attitude towards you.

Here are some other websites similar to Quora that you can utilize:

  • Superuser.com
  • Ehelp.com
  • Justanswer.com
  • Answerbag.com
  • LinkedIn Answers

4. Respond to that LIVE chat

Even though you’ve used precious time to try to ensure that all content on your website is relevant and all possible questions have been answered, there will always be some visitors who just can’t find what they are looking for. According to studies, 42% of customers prefer live chat for their customer support questions, while 73% of those who take part in a chat are happy with the results.

Integrate a LIVE chat option on your website and have someone dedicated to answering each and every inquiry. And don’t stop there! Just like we mentioned in the first tip, create quality conversations. Offer a call or demo to further drive that prospect in your sales cycle.

5. Make full use of your emails

It’s not that obvious to many, but a well-designed email signature can work as a great lead generation tool. A good email signature with links to social media profiles can help your prospects easily find out more about your product.

Whether it’s bulk email or a direct one-to-one approach, make sure you have your signature properly set up with all of your updated contact information including your logo. Branding plays a big part in the initial stages of generating that first interest, so make sure you have a good signature in place.


It’s common for B2B marketers of small to mid-sized companies to struggle to generate quality leads and there are several factors that can be taken into consideration such as:

  1. Not having a strong understanding of the nuances of selling B2B products or services
  2. There are just too many ways out there on how to generate leads that make the whole strategy seem confusing.

Ultimately, remember that not all leads are at the same stage in the buying process. These five tips can help you proactively measure and improve your lead quality, building sales opportunities for you and your team to cultivate and close.

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