Today when sending an email campaign out the most important factor is your IP and domain reputation. In the old days, content filtering was the main method of filtering email into whether it was accepted and or if ends up in the bulk/junk/spam folder.

Now everything is based on user engagement. Meaning any action that the user does to an email message, whether it is opening the message, clicking links in the message, replying to the message, marking the email as spam, deleting the message, adding the contact to your address book, etc.

Tips for Warming up IPs and Domains.

Newly registered domains let them sit for seven days before sending email as you need to let age before fully used.

Keep the same From Name this allows ISP's to build up a reputation for your brand name.

If you have multiple IPs and do not use them every 30 days you may lose of your email reputation or have the reputation reset.

Warming up your domain and IP. Create a seed list of 20 to 50 accounts at the big ISPs on your list. Such as gmail,yahoo, Then use those accounts to send a campaign. Next, do engagement actions to your email message such as opening, clicking, replying, marking not as spam. Repeat this process for at least a week across different devices.

When you are ready to send your data. Make sure your data as little no hard bounces as bad addresses kill IP/domain reputation. Then refer to some of the warm-up schedules below

Warm-up Schedule Examples:

100,000 email account. Sending on sloth with max 2 connections at a time per domain

Day 1: 20 emails
Day 2: 50 Emails
Day 3: 75 Emails
Day 4: 120 emails
Day 5: 250 emails
Day 6: 500 emails
Day 7: 800 emails
Day 8: 1000 emails
Day 9: 1300 emails
Day 10: 1500 emails
Day 11: 1800 emails
Day 12: 2000 emails
Day 13: 2500 emails
Day 14: 3000 emails
Day 15: 5000 emails
Day 16: 7500 emails
Day 17: 10000 emails
Day 18: 15000 emails
Day 19: 20000 emails
Day 20: 25000 emails

30 million accounts warm-up period. This is only valid if your data has little to no hard bounces. Any small amount of hard bounces can wreck an IP reputation.

Day 1: 1000
Day 2: 2000
Day 3: 4000
Day 4: 7000
Day 5: 11000
Day 6: 18000
Day 7: 24000
Day 8: 40000
Day 9: 60000
Day 10: 90000
Day 11: 140000
Day 12: 180000
Day 13: 220000
Day 14: 300000
Day 15: 500000
Day 16: 650000
Day 17: 800000
Day 18: 1000000
Day 19: 120000
Day 20: 1500000