When you send out a campaign and someone replies to that campaign, MailClickConvert is able to capture and store that reply in the "view replies section" under the email marketing tab.

In this tutorial we will show you how to setup email forwarding so that any reply comes in, the system will automatically forward that reply to a specific email you want.

Step 1:

Navigate to the Email Marketing tab –> Profiles and IP's –> Domains –>

Updates for Mail Click Convert Platform:

Managed campaign provides you with a dedicated Outbound Email Specialist who executes your email campaigns for you. Our specialists will check your messages for Spam score, consult on conversions, and set-up your email campaigns for optimal performance. All plans include 1 free managed campaign which we recommend to use right away.

What is A/B Campaign?

A/B Campaign is a method for testing which subject, email message or any other element of a marketing campaign performs better. For example, you might write three different Subjects on the subject line and different “from names” and “from addresses.”  You would then run these versions at the same time and collect data about which led to more conversions.

To add a message, please follow the steps below:

MCC Account Dashboard > Email Marketing > Campaigns > click Create Campaign

It will load up the Create Campaign page > Fill out all the necessary information in the page > scroll down and click Show Advanced Settings button

We support third party servers and IP addresses.  There is a setup fee of $100 per server that is setup.


The following are the requirements for a third party server.

The server must run either Windows 2016 64bit, Windows 2012 64bit,  Windows 2008 64bit. 32bit is not supported.

Should have at least 2 gigs of ram. and We suggest an extra 1 gig of ram for every 10 campaigns at a time you wish to run.

Requires IPv4 IP addresses.

Must have full administrator access/Remote Desktop.

There are multiple ways to improve your delivery/open rates. There is not just one thing that you can do but there are a variety of factors that may help.


The first part of doing a suggest campaign is using an effective subject line. We suggest doing multiple tests in chunks to see which subject line is the most effective. For example, if you had a list of 100,000 you can send 50,000 to the first subject line and 50,000 to the next subject line and see which subject line is the most effective.

The open rate depends on many factors such as your subject line, list quality and sending reputation.

Generally for purchased lists, an open rate of .5% to 5% is considered good.

For your own lists that are opt-in confirm the open rate of 15% to 20% is the average.

Keep in mind your open rate is actually higher than reported. This is due to the fact that we track opens using a tracking pixel and most email clients such as outlook disable the loading of images by default.

Stats will never match what is found in google analytics or other stat software. The main reasons are listed below.

Below is a list of status codes that your list can contain: