These columns are tracking columns that are used for email marketing campaigns.

clickts – is the date/time that someone clicked a link
clickip – is the IP address of the person that clicked the link
viewts – is the date/time that someone viewed the message
viewip – is the IP address of the person that viewed the message.

These columns are overwritten anytime a list is used in a campaign and stores the last time a user viewed a message or clicked a link.

The active number on the "view lists" page refers to the number of email addresses that are still valid to send to on your next campaign.

The active number is any email that is not part of the inactive or suppressed email groups.

This number changes when you send out emails or if an address no longer exists the active count will go down.

Our system currently accepts either .csv (comma seperated values) files,.txt, .xls, .xls and zip files containing (.txt, .csv, .xls, .xlsx) files up to 50mb.

The format the list needs to be in is one email per line. Or if you have multiple columns there has to be a column called "email in order" for our system to pick it up.

A suppression list is an email list of email addresses that you do not want to send to. Normally an advertiser will provide you a list of emails they do not want to mail to and in this case, you upload it as a suppression list inside the system. Then when you create a campaign in addition to selecting your email list you would also select that suppression list.

Go under your "Email Marketing" tab then go to "Settings" there is a link called Footer/Whois Settings.

On this page, you can add new entries for the message footer and set the primary contact that will be used by default for creating a campaign and registering domains.

On the iPhone and iPad, you may encounter links for telephone numbers, dates/times, and addresses. You can disable/hide this by adding the following in the head tags of your message.

<meta content="telephone=no" name="format-detection">
<style type="text/css">.appleLinksWhite a {color: #ffffff !important; text-decoration: underline;}
.appleLinksBlack a {color: #000000 !important; text-decoration: none;}

Then around each blue link in your message add the following class: class="appleLinksBlack"

Our system only accepts .htm,.html files and highly suggest that you create the message using our online editor.

But if you need to you can convert your Word message into a format that our system can read. To convert the message, open up Microsoft Word and load your message. Next, go to file save and save the file as Webpage Filtered.

Now, use your newly saved message to upload into our system and you're ready to go.

Image maps are supported in most email clients here is a tool to make one

If you want your images to be clickable by adding a URL, here is how to do it;

Inside your message where the image is, add the following tags around the image.

Like below example:

<a href=""><img src="" alt="example" /></a>

We do support passing some variables inside links of your campaign.

The personalized fields are supported with the syntax below