List Verify is a service that helps clean your email list. We first run a couple of checks to see if the email looks good based on the list verify settings, then we run it against our various suppression databases, and lastly, we do an SMTP level verify up to the point of sending an email but completing it.

We break down your list into the following statuses after completion:

Server not Found/Bad DNS/MX – the system was not able to connect to the mail server for that domain for the email address.
Address does not exist/Bad Address – the mail server responded with a code that indicates the email address is no longer valid.
Parking Page/Site – Domains with no content/parked at a domain parking site.
Settings Rejected – emails rejected on list import based on the list import settings for the account. Found Under Email Marketing > System Settings > List Import Settings
Suppressed Role – these emails match a pattern that we disallow mailing to such as abuse@ spam@
Suppressed Bounce – is an invalid email address that is automatically detected and is based on other accounts in our system that have mailed to an address that was marked as invalid.
Suppressed Domain – are emails that are on our global domain suppression system and can not be mailed to
Suppressed User – are emails that are on our global user suppression system and can not be mailed to.
Suppressed Spam Bots – Spam email accounts from stopforumspam