Posted on 24 Nov 2016 | By mccdrupal

In some cases, you may experience getting some blocked and timed-out status in your campaign email list. This may depend on one factor which is your domain or IP reputation.

It is recommended to generate blocked and timed out list and resend your campaign to these lists using a different sending profile.

Posted on 24 Nov 2016 | By mccdrupal

Redirection Url for your domain can be set-up under “Email Marketing Domains”, then click on the Settings link

Posted on 24 Nov 2016 | By mccdrupal
Warning: If you park your domain any active domain, email service, or any other service tied to that domain will not work anymore.

Create two nameservers at your domain registrar. and
Then point those two nameservers to one of your sending IPs.

Last point the domain to the new nameservers and

Posted on 23 Nov 2016 | By mccdrupal

To add a message, click on the “Add Message” link in the email marketing tab. On this page, you are given a couple of options. One is to Create a New Message and the other option is to upload an existing message.

Creating a new message allows you to build a message using our editor. We have an easy to use interface, as well as the option to use HTML code.