Inbox placement is not something we can guarantee or track because there are so many variables to consider and one being that the domains you’re using are fairly new with no send history – meaning your domain/IP reputation is neutral. To build up your reputation, you will need to start sending out.

ESP’s do not recognize or “trust” the sending profile (domain and IP) since it does not have any send data and building up reputation of a domain will take time.

What we suggest to my clients is to start sending out at a slow speed and have a really strict send schedule.

Generally speaking, the deliverability rate depends on multiple factors. ESP’s like to see consistency and this builds up the reputation, increasing the chances of the email landing into the inbox. Also make sure that the lists you’re sending to are clean (sending to invalid/bad emails will greatly affect domain reputation).

Unfortunately, this is the nature of cold email marketing and there is no easy way or “quick fix” for this.

Below are some ways to Improve Deliverability:

1. Make sure the email message and subject line have no spam trigger words. Utilize tools in our system (Spam Assassin) or 3rd party tools like Mail-tester to test out how ESP’s treat their content. Email message and subject line must have a good score.

2. Deliverability will greatly depend on their email list quality so make sure the list being used has been scrubbed.

3. Have a regular sending schedule for the campaigns – do not send out at random days/times (whenever you feel like it). I would suggest sending it during office hours – M-F 8 AM to 5 PM

4. Start sending so that the servers will get familiar with the domain that you are using. The domains that you are using are fairly new with no or very low sending history or your domain/IP reputation is neutral.

5. You can tokenize the subject line, so if you include a token something like <#firstname#>, what the system will do is it will pre-populate all the first name within the subject line. It helps a lot with open rates.

IMPORTANT NOTE: We do not guarantee inbox placement, deliverability or any results as there are just so many variables to consider. In fact, no company can guarantee inbox placement.