What is A/B Campaign?

What is A/B Campaign?

A/B Campaign is a method for testing which subject, email message or any other element of a marketing campaign performs better. For example, you might write three different Subjects on the subject line and different “from names” and “from addresses.”  You would then run these versions at the same time and collect data about which led to more conversions.

How many campaigns can I send at one time?

The number of campaigns that you can send at one time depends on your package size. To see how many broadcasting slots you can send at one time, go to the home page of your email marketing tab and look for the Max Broadcasters under your package size.

You can increase the number of broadcasters one of two ways by either upgrading to a larger account package or contacting your account manager to order an extra broadcasting slot.

How to Setup a Custom From Address?

A custom "from address" allows you to set-up an email address as the reply email address and is visible to the email recipients for the campaign.

To set-up a custom "From Address", go to the email marketing tab > click on the create campaign link -> and last click on the  Custom From Address link.

On the Custom From Address page. You will see a button called "Add Custom From" click that button and you are taken to "add custom from address" page.

How to use personalization in your campaign?

The system supports personalization in both the subject line, from name and the body of the message

The format of personalization is <#columnname#> where column name is the name of the column inside your list lowercase.

Example if you had a list that had columns firstname and lastname inside your message you could enter

Hello <#firstname#> <#lastname#>
Message here

That message will show the user's firstname and lastname from your list.

Default values in personalization

Remote Content - In email campaigns

The remote content feature allows the injection of remote data into your campaign's messages. It Supports passing personalized fields which would allow you to generate tailored content for each email address. This is extremely powerful and the possibilities are almost endless on what you could do.

Remote works in both HTML and text-based messages.


You can pass unlimited fields or any field that is inside your lists.

Sending Speeds

Sending speed options are as follows:

Note: With Retry Mode, enabled campaigns with the sent counter will make it appear as the emails are being sent faster but in reality. The emails are sent the same speed and the retries are being sent in the background.

Default - is the normal sending speed of your account based on your package size which allows you to reach your quota per month.

Using the Permission Pass System

The permission pass system is a confirmation system to gain subscribers from your email lists.  Turns your bulk/purchased lists into an opt-in list to mail using the whitelisted system as well.

To get started in the email marketing tab click "Add Message" then "Create a New Permission Pass". Once clicked the message editor will appear with a preloaded permission pass message that you can tweak.

The permission pass message needs to be approved by us and any time it is edited requires reapproval.