If you have an email forwarding set-up and you are not getting email replies. There are a couple of different options.

First, make sure you are not using any kind of filters at all on your email account and on the server level. You may have to contact your hosting company and ask if they have any kind of filtering system.

If not, we suggest trying a different email address to receive the replies that are not from the same email provider.
You can also look at the link called " View Forward Error Log" which will give back the debug reason for the last forwarded email reply.

Second, we can activate a reply capture for your account where we would capture replies and you can check the replies under Domains and click the Check Replies link. If you want this feature, open up a support ticket and we can get you set-up with it.

Third, you can use a custom from address. Any replies for that campaign would be automatically sent to that custom from address.

Last, we can set-up a dedicated email account to capture your replies cost is a one time fee of $100 per server. You need to be on your own VPS or dedicated server for this to be an option.