There really is no getting past blacklisting. Blacklisting is normal since what we are doing is cold (unsolicited) emails. This is the nature of cold email marketing and why the majority of email marketing companies out there will not allow you to send out to a cold list with volume. They will shut your account down since they use THEIR domains or yours to send out emails. The reason why we allow clients to send out cold emails with volume is because we use proxy domains for your campaigns. Meaning in the scenario that you’re blacklisted (which will and has already happened) what is getting blacklisted is the proxy domain we have set up, not your actual domain. This is the strength of MCC. We provide a safe place (a layer of protection) for our clients to run cold email marketing without the fear of getting their actual domains blacklisted or getting their accounts shut down. It’s like a sandbox to try different things without worrying about domain reputations, blacklisting, etc.

Since your sending profile is blacklisted, what we normally suggest my clients do is just pause sending for a couple of days. Give the domain/IP time to delist themselves. You’re not sending anything “malicious” so these types of blacklistings from SpamHausBarracuda, etc are mostly temporary and usually clear/delist after a couple of days. 

Best Practices/FYI

Message/Message score: Getting blacklisted will happen but you have to understand why you’re listed or why are your emails not being accepted by ESP’s so you know what you need to work on to “improve” your campaigns. Are there spam trigger words in your email that are being caught by the filters? Do you know your message score? You can check the score of your message by navigating to the email marketing tab -> messages -> view messages -> select your message -> check score. You will have to input your subject line then click on check message score. What you’re aiming for here is a score of 0. Or try to drop it to as low as it can go. The checker will let you know if your message has any spam words that are being caught. If it does you will have to re-word or remove them.

List: If your list is mainly B2C (gmail, yahoo, aol) then unfortunately, it’s going to be very difficult to send to. B2C type of emails have extremely strict filters that will block any “un-recognized” or unsolicited emails coming in especially in bulk. I think for gmail you can only send up to 10 or 20 cold emails PER DAY. After that gmail will block your sending profile hence B2C types of lists do not perform well with bulk cold email marketing. 

Sending schedule: Since this is cold email marketing, you have to be very consistent in the times you send out your campaign. Sending out randomly or whenever you feel like it is “spammy behavior”. ESP’s like to see consistency so if you’re not sending out with a regular pattern we suggest you do. This is the main way you will build domain reputation, increasing the chances of your email being accepted by ESP’s. Majority of the clients we work with have strict sending schedules like Mon to Fri 8 AM to 5 PM only.