From signup to campaign launch, MailClickConvert walks you through the entire process, and as long as you have ready all the requirements, you will be up and running within 3-4 business day.

Setup Requirement overview:

1. Preferred domain names
2. Email message (plaint text or html)
3. Emailing list (file should be either CSV or txt)
4. Campaign send schedule (optional)

When you sign up, a client success executive will reach out to you with a “welcome aboard” email. This email will contain instructions on how to proceed with the setup. There are 4 phases which you will have to go through:

Phase 1: Domain name registration. Depending on what package you’re on, you will be assigned dedicated domains and IP’s for your campaigns. Your client success executive will ask you what your preferred domain names are and once you confirm, they will proceed with allocating them in your account. This usually takes 1 business day to setup.

What will happen on the back-end is once the domains have been integrated in your account, we will be performing tests making sure your sending profiles are working and warming up. Domain warm-up will take around 3-4 days. During the 3-4 day warm-up period, you will be working with your client success executive on fulfilling the other setup requirements.

Phase 2: Email message. Your client success executive will then reach out to you with your logins to your account (if you do not have them already). You can either upload your email message directly, or have your client success executive help you if you’re having problems. We have several video tutorial guides on how to do this.

Phase 3: Emailing list. Once your message has been successfully uploaded you will have to upload your emailing list. If you’re having problems with the upload, we are always here to assist.

Phase 4: Campaign send schedule. This is a very crucial part of the setup process. Cold email marketing requires a regular sending schedule (you don’t want to be sending out campaign when ever you “feel like it”). You can work with your client success executive to figure out what send schedules are best.

Once all 4 phases have been completed and the domain has been warmed up (aged) for at-least 4 days, you are ready to launch your first campaign. You can schedule a quick phone call with your client success executive if you need help on your first campaign launch or review tutorial videos on how to setup a campaign.

At MailClickConvert, we want to make sure you’re setup for success from the get-go – please feel free to reach your client success executive if you have any problems. We have 3 main channels of support: Chat support via website, support ticket and email support.



ryan     February 27

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