Successful email deliverability will appear like a difficult task–and with numerous factors affecting your sender reputation like content quality and email list health, getting your email to the inbox will feel tougher than ever.

If your domain hasn’t been properly warmed up, you’ll end up with poor deliverability rates, which means that your emails won’t reach your recipients’ inboxes.

The trick is being as natural as possible and acting as if you are reaching out to your friends – you probably don’t want to send them 10 emails a day. 

One important factor is the number of emails that you send per day. 

But, before we discuss the limits, it’s crucial to mention that you shouldn’t start sending emails right after we register your domain – wait for 5-7 days before you initiate any activity. 

Now, here’s how to play it safe when warming up your domain:

Start manually. Send out a couple of emails every day. If you want the exact numbers, I’d say that the best timeline should be sending no more than 120 emails per hour. Once completed, take a look at the reports and see how the campaign is performing. If it looks good you may increase it to 500 to 1.5k/emails per hour, running on a 10k list on your 2nd Day.  As you can see, it’s best to gradually increase the number and do it consistently. While this approach is time-consuming, it’s pretty safe and can help you make sure that your domain and email address have been warmed up properly.

Personalize and tailor your outreach. It’s important to prove that you’re not a spammer who sends irrelevant emails that nobody reads. So, make sure to invest your time and energy into creating a really meaningful message and subject line. 

Reach out to your friends. Another factor plays an important role in the process of warming up your domain – your reply rate. So, if you send your emails and nobody actually opens them and replies, then your outreach will come off as irrelevant, and you’re in trouble. But, if you message your friends and get a decent reply rate, then it’s a good sign, and Gmail, in particular, pays great attention to that metric.

Send your emails to business addresses. This is also important, particularly if you’ll use cold outreach in the B2B industry. So, if you interact with business addresses belonging to some strong and reputable domains, and if you get responses, then it will be a clear sign to email providers that you’re not a spammer and that your emails are valuable. 

As you can see, just like in real life, your online, domain reputation matters big time and it takes time to establish and cement it. 

So, don’t rush things, which means that you should be very careful and particular when it comes to warming up your domain and email address. Use these simple steps, and generally speaking, try to make your outreach as natural and conversational as possible as that way you’ll get the best results both in terms of deliverability and a response rate. 

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